Hi everyone,

May I ask if there is someone who can compound a list of commonly made grammar errors, and then show the solutions to them? In addition, can anyone tell me ways to improve my english, and my narrative essay writing skills? I am taking the cambridge o levels this year, and i am feeling very apprehensive about it. Also, anyone has any idea on improving english communication skills? It is needed for my oral examination. Usually, I speak in mother tounge(chinese) with my family and friends. Hence, my english communication skills are lousy. =( I am now trying to catch up by speaking more in english.

Thanks a lot ^ ^
Cramming doesn't really help for English tests such as these because the potential is there for so many different choices. Language is truly infinite.

You've put this post together in a pretty fair fashion, so in writing you are no slouch. If you have no chance to speak with any ENLs, then listen to a lot of music.
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You could:

1. Find someone with good English, for e-mails and instant messaging. Keep copies of your e-mails and IMs, and check them afterwards for spelling, grammar etc in MS Word.

2. Record English language programmes off the radio and listen to them till you understand them.

3. Write a summary in English of any English programmes you listen to. Post it in 'Writing World' if you want it checked.

4. Record vocabulary onto tape and play it back to yourself on a Walkman when you're going somewhere.

5. Download a copy of Acrobat Reader 6 or 7 (it's free). This has a proof-reading tool, which will read back Acrobat files to you through your pc's speakers. Download pdfs from the internet and listen to them. (The voice is strange, and the accent should not be imitated; but it will allow you to practise comprehension of any kind of text, and pause or playback when you don't understand something.)

6. Practising your speaking skills is very difficult, if you don't know any native speakers. Are there local English conversation classes you could attend?

Teachers: We supply a list of EFL job vacancies
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