hi friends. i have an exam on wednesday and some questions of exam are here.
i must learn the answers of these questions.

i am waiting your's help


---Montague Grammer---

question 1:

Which of the following designate a legitimate type according to the type system which our language Ltype rests on?

a. <, <, t>>
b. <<, t>, >
c. <, , t>
d. < t, <, t>>
e. <, >

question 2:

“The dog chased John.”

Derive the semantic value of the determiner the as a higher-order expression from the translation of the sentence above abstracting away the semantic contributions of the other expressions constituting the sentence step by step.

question 3:

Suppose the following rules were added to the syntax of L1E:

VP -> Vs S
Vs -> believes-that, hopes-that

What type of semantic value would be appropriate in an extensional framework for verbs belonging to the lexical category Vs? What difficulty arises in attempting to formulate the semantic rule for Vs + S constructions?


Instead of recursive definitions, let us use a (context-free) phrase-structure grammar of the sort linguists are accustomed to in order to specify the syntax of L1E

Syntax of L1E

N -> Sadie
N -> Liz
N -> Hank

Vi -> snores
Vi -> sleeps
Vi -> is-boring

Vt -> loves
Vt -> hates
Vt -> is-boring

Conj -> and
Conj -> or

Neg -> it-is-not-the-case-that

S -> S Conj S
S -> Neg S
S -> N VP

VP -> Vi
VP -> Vt N

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It was important for me.
Hi Roro..

i took this sentence from the questions which my teacher gave me....

i didn't understand too...

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Oh muratsekerci
Nice to mee to you.
I'd like to know at least my answer is appropriate one or not.
Can you explain these termes, in your wording or not? (Sorry for the silly question, though...)
... and please tell me how to edit your writings in this forum so quickly.
This is what I want know in the first place. Please ..!
Ah-huh ...
That's enough.
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I hope you would understand me.
Of course I knew it was a joke, from the start.
But it became too inconsistent, too silly. I felt malice.
And I cannot wipe out my doubt: are you one of editors?
In that case this won't interest me.
... no explanation ...?
Then let's discuss about your first question.
About .
Sorry ... just to make sure and to be fair to Montague.
There was no part in your question which we can consider, properly, to belong to Montague Grammar, muratsekerci.
Well, when you know the answer, or notice my mistakes, please make a post.
I'll appreciate that.
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hi Roro

your jokes are very funny:)

be sure i am not a editor.

i entered this form first time with my exam questions,

and i said that i am not good at formal semantics. (already if i knew i won't call for helpEmotion: smile )

i think your answers are very good and enough for me..

so i want to say lots of thanks for your helping

you asked how i edit so quickly?

the questions are in my computer. So i copy and paste from documents.

excuse me, i am not as good as to see your mistakes.

i think these answers are enough to pass the exam. (or i'll see tomorrowEmotion: smile )

what's your job Roro? can you tell a few about you?


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