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I want some help in my introduction which is about divorce in UAE.. I don't know if there is mistake in verbs or anything else. So, anybody would like to check it.


Before the rapid development in U.A.E divorce was rare and a shameful act. But nowadays, the divorce rate among nationals is a round 33 percent. In a recent study, the divorce in U.A.E and other Gulf nations is higher than other countries in the Middle East(Gulf News). In this essay I will explain the causes, effects and solutions for this problem.

How are you? I am not that great in Essay writing, but I say that that was a really good Introduction. Better then the Introduction I would do, lol. What is your heading? Are you gonna do a heading for your Essay? The Introduction explained alot to me about your Essay.


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Ya I'm doing a heading for my essay.

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Hi Please can i have a look on your essay.. coz i have an cause and effect essay about divorce in the uae.
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