I'm in 8th grade and am homeschooled. In my English class, I have recently been learning about diagraming subjects, appositives, direct objects, object of prepostitions, and predicate nominatives.
It would be easy, if I was still understanding the major parts. So I've been doing some research here on the net about the three that I still don't understand: Predicate nominatives, Object of Preposition, and Direct Object. In abbreviation, DO, OP and PN.

I think I'm starting to catch on, but any excess help would be greatly appreciated.

So far, I've taken these notes:

Direct Object: A noun that recieves the action of the sentence but that is not the subject.
Object of Prepostion: A noun or pronoun that follows a preposition & completes the prepostional phrase.
Predicate Nominative: A noun or pronoun that appears in the predicate of the sentence, following a linking verb and refers to the same person or thing as the subject of the verb.

Did I get all of my notes correct?

As said earlier, any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

- Melissa.
Yes, that seems fine, Melissa.

Direct Object: The dog chewed the bone.
Object of Prepostion: The meat on the bone was almost gone.
Predicate Nominative: The best part of a pork chop is the bone.
And so we can help you ... how?

You need to ask specific questions if you want specific answers.
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yup hi, Emotion: happym in the 5th grade and im having a hard time wtih nominatives
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