Hello all. I am a new student enrolled in a distance learning program. I am currently taking English Compostion I and am having a hard time. My first writing assignment is an introductory essay focusing a current or previous job, explaining what the title is, and what is required in the position. This all sounds very simple. I have studied the different approaches and types of essays and feel I could easily do this in five paragraphs. The problem is the paper cannot be more than one page in length and may only contain one to three paragraphs. In addition, it must be in APA style, and must contain the following: direction, coherence, support, and unity. I have studied all of these also. I do not know how to get this much required information into only one, two, or three paragraphs. I have found every imaginable type of essay; however, I cannot find an example of an "introductory essay." It is not in my text either. I am sure it is a very basic assignment. I just need some direction! I am not sure where to even begin. Any advice or sample essays would be greatly appreciated. This is a very impressive forum. I hope my request is not too menial.


Eric Schau
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Your written is English is good and you say you have studied the style they are asking for.

I think this is a case of essay-nerves! Stop frantically searching here, there, and everywhere for examples to crib from. You are more than capable of writing a few simple paragraphs and this is obviously a fairly gently introduction into the course, so stop fretting so much.

Take a deep breath, pick up your pen (or keyboard), and just write the darn thing without trying to make it perfect - just get some thoughts down on paper. Then put it down, go away and forget it for an hour or so, then come back and tidy it up into its final version. I think you'll do fine.
Nona, thank you for the condidence in me. I feel that I write fairly well, it's just that I'm a bit nervous trying to make sure that I include all of the required criteria into only three paragraphs or less. Perhaps, when I complete the paper, I can post it and you could critique it for me?? Thanks again and have a great day.

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Yes post it on here and we will look at it for you.

Good luck.