I am applying to MSC course in Water Resouce Engineering to be supported by a Scholarship Program. I have been asked two letters to express my motivation as below

a. A letter in which you detail your reasons for pursuing the programme. In this letter you describe your future plans, explaining the importance of the course this regard. This letter should also describe who else will benefit from the acquired knowledge?
b. A letter in which you motivate the reasons why you should be granted a scholarship

Could you help me how should I write these letters, please guide me and refer samples if any in this regard.
Hi Everestpep,

Please read the top two posts in this section.

Dear MountianHiker,

Thank you very much for suggestions. I gone through the posts as you said, however, I am still wondering what things (contents) should be included for my first letter and what for second letter. I have to write two letters ..............

with best regards
Students: We have free audio pronunciation exercises.

You have to write your letters yourself. We'll comment on what you have written.

We don't do your thinking for you, at least not the majority.