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Did you read the thread, Anon? Virtually ALL the previous posters have already answered your question.
All the things there ARE in the land of nod have double letters; ceLLs, tEEth, fEEt, pOOls... Emotion: wink

Took me a while too.
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double letters!
its every word that has 2 of the same letter next to eachother in it. (ceLLs, tEEth, fEET, pOOls)
I'm confused though because my school teachers were annoying us with the land of nod on the coach the other day, and one of them said that there were trees but no wood. Wood has a double o. I don't get it...
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The land of nod game i play is significantly different and has a lot more meaning, you can say in a perfect world there are teeth but no mouths, but the land of nod would be, there are cans but no beer.

break it down... the land of nod (the land of NO-D) therefore in the lad of nod there are magpies but no birDs.
just brings a whole new meaning and makes a lot more sense than 2 letter worlds.
I play a game that its double letters called land of nOOd because it has a dobke letter
This is the correct way to play the game - I think the double letters idea has totally lost the idea of the game of No-D. Much harder for others to guess also as the first thing people look for are patterns like double letters
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There are too many anonymous people. That includes me. It confuses me.
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