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Anonymousa friend asked this:a perfect world is one where there are:cells but no skinteeth but no mouthsfeet but no toespools but no land??
the awnser uis there are only things spelled with double letters example there is trEEs but no trunks
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AnonymousI'm confused though because my school teachers were annoying us with the land of nod on the coach the other day, and one of them said that there were trees but no wood. Wood has a double o. I don't get it...


there are knees but no legs

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it's probably creationist poetry; the lad of nod would have been quite complicated and diverse that could include an incubator ... possibly a split or section

There are trees but no leaves

Double letters

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Basically when you explain it it’s like an algorithm. Also there has to be no repeated letters in the second word but repeated letters in the first and you have to say it the same way the person told you. So the algorithm or what your repeating has to be for example, in my world there are woods but no animals. The first has two repeated letters and the second has none. If you change the algorithm for instance, there is a toilet with no branch, then it will be incorrect. Because it didn’t start with in my world.

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