a friend asked this:

a perfect world is one where there are:

cells but no skin
teeth but no mouths
feet but no toes
pools but no land

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Can it be the garlic?
Words with double letters ??

ce LL s
t EE th
f EE t
p OO ls
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yeah, Crescent Star has it right... I used to drive my friends insane with this game called "The Land of Nod," where there was beer, but no cups, and there was green and yellow, but no red, orange, blue, or purple... a really awesome brain teaser for your friends!
in the land of nod, there are creeks but no rivers, trees but no trunks, theres yellow and green, but no orange purple or blue, there are floods but no fires, there is hurricanes and monsoons, but no earthquakes or tornatos, there is beef but no meat, chicken or fish.

Thats "The Land of Nod" game.

Typically someone will start off by saying "In the Land of Nod there are ___ but no __".

The secret to the riddle is, in the Land of Nod there are only things spelled with double letters.

For example, in the Land of Nod, theres:

wood but no bark
Twitter, Facebook but no MySpace
knees but no legs

etc etc
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my friends keep saying that kinda stuff to me aswell and it's really confusing any ideas anyone???????!!!!?!!!!! ... cus it's constantly winding me up i know that when your in the land of nod it means the land of sleep so the riddles have obviously got something to do with you being asleep but that's all i know !!!!! please help.
Did you read the thread, Anon? Virtually ALL the previous posters have already answered your question.
What do words cells, teeth, feet, and pools have in common?
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