Hint : if you do it wrong whats left will not be right...if you do it right whats left will not be wrong

Romeo November Romeo Hotel Hotel Bravo Lima Foxtrot

I get that it's military alphabet code and that it's probably something cute but I don't know what!!
Well, you're not the only one who is confused. [:^)]

In addition to alphabet code, these terms are associated with naval signal flags. But I don't think that information is very helpful, even though somebody seems to want to send you some signals. Emotion: smile


That's a very cute message


"R" is the 18th letter in the alphabet if you read it from "LEFT" to "RIGHT".
But if you re-arrange the alphabet from "RIGHT" to "LEFT" (which is what the "hint" actually meant)
"I" becomes the 18th letter in the alphabet. M is the 14th, I is the 18th, and so on.

R Nrhh BLF
I Mi_ _ _ _ _

Okay, I'll let you figure out the rest of the message so you can atleast get some credit from your GF!

Good luck!Emotion: smile