May 2017

****************. CASTILLO

College Secretary

College of xxxxxxxxxxx

University of the Philippines, Los Baños

Dear Dr. Castillo:


I am xxxxx, a sophomore in the Bachelors in xxxxxxprogram. I would like to express my intention to change my degree program from Bachelors in xxxxxxxx to Bachelors in xxxxxx because I have always had interest in this field. I know that pursuing the latter would be in my best interest since this is the degree that I have always wanted to undertake for it would be the better fit for my aptitude and interests. But besides my interest, health conditions brought by the environment of my current college due to the constant exposure of pollen, dust and other allergens had lead me to have a change in my career path.

However, my GWA for English 1 and English is 2.625 while the required grade is 2.50 but I believe that my passion and my willingness to cope and learn is a huge advantage for me. I believe that my skills will be further honed and developed in this department for the reason that I feel like I was not growing in my current degree because I feel that I am enclosed and my abilities are suppressed for the opportunity to express in far limited and I believe that a degree should not only be taken for the future you may have after graduating but also because, this where you see yourself and where you be far more greater than just your job because you love what you do and you become a better version of yourself and here in xxxxxxxxxxx, I believe I belong.

Be rest assured if given the opportunity, I am to excel in the career path and I will not waste the chance given to me.

May I look forward to your kind consideration and utmost understanding.

Thank you very much. May the good God always bless you.

Respectfully yours,



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Your letter is too long and too convoluted. I don't understand your comment about your English grade of 2.6 which is higher than that required for admissions, 2.5.

I am a sophomore in the Bachelors of Asian History at the University of Manila.  I would like to change schools to pursue a Bachelors of Computer Science at the University of the Philippines Los Baños.  There are two reasons for my request.  First, Computer Science is a better fit for my interests and future career plans.  Second, I have severe asthma and the new location in fresh air would be better for my health.