Hi there
I need someone to prove read or improve my overwiew please and would appreciate anyone's help.

I am a very passionate Web designer specializing in the following applications: Dreamweaver; CSS, HTML, XHTML, Adobe FLASH, PHP and MySQL. I am also seeking opportunities to build websites from the ground up for you or your business.

I also have some experiences in the following areas: Adobe Premiere, Soundforge and Cinema 4D.

Thanks in advance
CHEERS Emotion: smile
Only these: change the semicolon to a comma after 'Dreamweaver' and change 'experiences' to 'experience'.

A small additional comment.

I am a very passionate Web designer specializing in the following applications

Without meaning to be completely facetious, this sounds a bit to me like you are a guy who chases after the women in your office. Emotion: smile

If it were me, I'd consider rewording it slightly.

eg I am passionate about Web design. I specialize . . .

Best wishes, Clive
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Ah yes, your absolutely right. Thank you so much Mister Micawber.
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I don't see that at all, Clive-- perhaps you've had an unfortunate experience at work?
Hi MrM,

I thought it was a fortunate one.Emotion: embarrassed