I need to get more opinions on "help to" to figure out if it's personal preference, regional variation, or my just being wrong.

I see a lot of people writing constructions like "She helped Jim to clean up the mess."

I would delete that "to" in a heartbeat. But is it actually wrong to include it? Is it optional? It just looks and sounds so wrong to me.

Before I steer one more person in the wrong direction by telling them to omit the "to," I'd like to hear from others.


Since I began studying English at age 11, I have never encountered a grammar expert who considers to wrong after help in the active voice. I know omitting it is more common in AmE than BrE.

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Okay, not wrong to have it, but not required right?
Grammar GeekOkay, not wrong to have it, but not required right?
Certainly not required, no no! Help Me Make It Through The Night would sound awkward even to my ear if it were Help Me To Make It Through The Night.Emotion: smile

One for you as well: