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At 00:14 self-appointed ___1 word__avatar

At 00:35 your fresh _2 words______ French _1 word____ morning coffee through a curly ______isn't that right ____

On the third gap does she says "straw"?

At 00:55 like laser __1 word___ moon landing

At 1:03 with these cutie ___1 word______

I have no idea what she says there

At 1:10 world is your __1 words____ isn't it ___2 words_____ that too

On the first gap, maybe it's a slang, the second gap I can't tell what he says


(A couple of these are correct on the subtitles, but others are totally mangled.)

At 00:14: self-appointed spokes-avatar
("spokes-avatar" is a made-up word, created on the model of e.g. spokesman)

At 00:35: your fresh-ground, Fairtrade, French-press morning coffee through a curly straw, isn't that right [person's name]?

At 00:55: like laser tag moon landing

At 1:03: with these cutie patooties

At 1:10: The world is your lobster / Isn't it oyster? / That too!
("The world is your oyster" is a set expression. She supposedly muddles up the expression and says "lobster" instead. This joke was first made in a British TV sitcom circa about 1985.)


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