Good evening respected gentlemen and ladies. The question posed above is one of the few things i did not understand entirely in class. Can some one kindly explain it to me in clear and easy terms ? Thanking you in advance

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Transitive and intransitive has to do with action: When the action moves from the subject to the object the verb is said to be transitive.

Ex: Radha repaired the radio.

Here 'repair' is transitive because the action passes from the doer to the done.

Look at this one:

Shyam looks at the sky.

Here the verb look is intransitive because Shyam's looking at the sky no way affects it.

Some verbs can be used transitively and intransitively:

Daniel broke the mirror. broke is transitive.

The mirror broke. (Here there is no doer and obviously the verb is intransitive.)

Hope this helps.
It sure did. Thank you Sir. Emotion: big smile