Hi everyone

The sentence below is from the website (Javadocs ).

After using this method, the response should be considered to be committed and should not be written to.

I don't understand where the 'to' refers to, or how it functions in this sentence. I even doubt this as a typo of 'too'
although I don't know the "should...and should not...., too" form is grammatically correct.

... the response ... should not be written to.

(You) should not write to the response. (response must have some technical definition in this context.)


The lecture contains bad information and should not be listened to.
(You) should not listen to the lecture.
The leader of that group is not trustworthy and should not be relied on.
(You) should not rely on the leader.
Politics is a delicate subject, and some people think it should not be talked about.
(People in general) should not talk about politics.
This problem is very important; it should be taken care of.
(Someone) should take care of this problem.

It is an 'Aha' experience!

I understand perfectly. Thanks CJ Emotion: smile