Hi, this is a nice new video I try to understand, it only looks long, but the unclear words are not much… thanks for your help 😊


At 1:17 the bird is a spirit __2 words___ and so

At 1:41 just how _1 word_____ it is to learn

At 1:52 There's no learning in that and that's happy it's

Subtitles show "happy", it seems strange…

At 1:58 and maybe ________ hard

What is the expression there?

At 2:00 and then you down into the depths you go,

This phrase as a whole end on "you go"? I ask that because I don't know if maybe I have here two different phrases; one is "and then you down into the depths. And the second one is "you go"… when coming to understand it, it's might get confusing 😊

At 2:22 into flames, bang ____ new you

Does he says "egg"?

At 2:37 like grizzly bears is now

I'm not sure if he says "is"? maybe it's other word there?

At 3:05 and it's ____ you have to eat a lot

I think it's "costly" (it refers to childbirth…)

At 3:13 but the advantage is your __1 unclear word_____ you can learn

At 3:38 or a deep habit really built into you

Here again, I can't tell if this is one "unit" of sentence, or that it two different sentences; "or a deep habit". "really built into you".

At 3:42 it's a neural structure, right? it's a ____ and

He says lie?

At 4:48 drunk friends and _1 word___ maybe you've had them for your whole life

At 4:58 with that 20 hours, it's like hanging around your neck like an __1 word?___ and so

I hope I got this sentence correct😊


At 1:17: the bird is a spirit or psyche

The computer-generated subtitle here is correct.

At 1:41: just how wretched it is to learn it

At 1:52: He says "that's happy", apparently in something like sense 2 at https://www.lexico.com/en/definition/happy: "Fortunate and convenient."

At 1:58: and maybe you bloody well hit it hard

At 2:00: and then you down into the depths you go

Here he very slightly misspeaks. The first "you" should be deleted. Most probably he started off thinking he was going to say "and then you go down into the depths", and then changed course after saying "you".

At 2:22: into flames, bang, egg, new you

At 2:37: like grizzly bears now

At 3:05: and it's costly; you have to eat a lot

At 3:13: but the advantage is you're plastic, you can learn

At 3:38: ... or a deep habit. It's really built into you.

The word "it's" is only very faintly articulated.

At 3:42: It's a neural structure, right? It's li... alive.

He very slightly fluffs his words here, probably starting out saying "living" and then changing his mind.

At 4:48: drunk friends and then maybe you've had them for your whole life

At 4:58: with that 20 hours that's now, like, hanging around your neck like an albatross

(this is a set expression)


I have no words to thank you, thanks a lot