Hey EnglishForward! I'm glad I joined this community, and I think I will find my answer here.

My problem:

I found a great way how to teach english myself, or how to expand my vocabulary at least. So I have started to translate subtitles into my language (Slovak) from english videos (non-subbed). My first video is documentary movie called "Camp Victory, Afghanistan". But I've encountered a big problem. I don't know if I don't understand that sentence, or I've misheard something, but that sentence doesn't really make sense to me. Here's the video:


That sentence starts at 4:52 and ends at 5:01. I've heard something like "Our natural tenancy* is to *try to compare to us ... Our version of democracy... And it'll never be theirs." But it doesn't make much sence, does it? I've also marked those words with star so you can see where's my problem. Thank you for your help.
Hello, A7x - and welcome to English Forums. Your transciption is almost OK. Here is what he says, and it makes good sense to me:

"Our natural tendency is to try to compare them to us, our version of democracy. It'll never be theirs."

(Meaning: Americans naturally try to compare the Afghani democracy to their own American democracy, but they will never be the same kind of democracy."
Hey, Mister Micawber.

That was so easy and I couldn't figure this out. Now it makes perfect sense to me too. Thank you a LOT!!!
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Okay I'm stuck one more time at time 2:19 to 2:27. He says "So I got here, all this *? depbox ?* had a mentor. But*?J.O.S.R?* is the chief staff. The key guy to tie them altogether, and he did not."


And also I'm stuck at 7:13 to 7:19 where he says "We will do everything possible to ...." and then I don't understand what he said. This is the last thing I need, I have everything translated. I won't bother anyone again, I promise! Emotion: smile Here's the video:


BTW. I'm sorry if someone feels offended that I'm posting such videos here, I'll remove them as soon as my question is answered.
So I got here, all the staff officers had a mentor. But General [surname] was the Chief of Staff. The key guy to tie them altogether, and he did not.

We will do everything possible to adhere to his guidelines, but we fall under a totally different command. Yes, we are a part of ISAC...

I don't find anything offensive about the videos. They are documentary.
Thank you very much, Mister Micawber!

I found these sentences very hard to understand because sometimes, those guys were speaking really fast and I couldn't catch it. Thank you once again.
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