Hi There,

Can you confirm me that if I am correct in these sentences, please?

You don't necessarily have to do it. adverb

it necessarily cause a problem. adverb

You don't necessary have to do it. adj

it necessary cause a problem. adj

You are not necessary to do that. adj

It is necessary to go school as a student. adj



1. This is correct.

2. This is not right. The pattern is only used in the negative, and only in the phrase "don't/doesn't necessarily have to," for example: "It doesn't necessarily have to cause a problem." "They don't necessarily have to participate." Etc.

3. This is not right. It should be, for example: "It is not necessary (for you) to do that."

4. This should be: "It is necessary to go to school." (If you're going to school, you're a student, so it's not necessary to say "...as a student" here.)

Thanks Sir.