I need lyrics of this song:
Charlie Grant & Pete Woodroffe & Simon Wilcox - Naughty

I found it

Wow, wooow (x6)
I've been, I've been watching you
Cause you look so innocent and cute (...)
I can't wait to get my hands on you
Know you can imagine the trouble we'll get into
Poor thing, you're hiding in the corner
(...) up cause I know you really want it
Let go, your mama never want you 'bout
Girls like me, get you drunk and set you free, o!

I just wanna have, just wanna have fun So serious, let's do some **** you've never done I wanna get scandalous We're onto naughty one on one Cause I just wanna have fun, o! Wow, wooow (x6

Don't you spend your whole life waiting Uptight, all this try not to the right thing This time loosing up for braking Chances overtaken Booties meant for shaking!

I'm not native. Could someone fill the missing gaps and write down third verse?
I'd really appreciate that.

I'm not really sure but this is what I hear .

1) oh

2) buttoned up but....

3) your mama never warned you..