I found in a dictionary one of the meanings of the word 'regret'.It
said that regret rather relates to unwise acts than to wrong doings and

My questions are:
1- If we use regret to mourn our unwise acts then what word do we use
to mourn sinful activities and wrong doings?

2- Can't we use 'regret'at all when we mourn wrong doings and sins?

Regret also mean 'miss'

Can I say "I regret my mother"?[If my mother has not been living with
me for sometime or is dead]

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I too see in my Webster's that 'regret' carries the meanings of
'1a : to mourn the loss or death of
b : to miss very much'

Nevertheless, with apologies to Joseph Conrad and Jane Austen, I find the phrase 'I regret my mother' exceeding strange today.

'I regret my mother's death.'
'I regret my mother's decision to disinherit me.'-- these are fine.

Interestingly, the concordancer shows relatively few examples of 'regret' with a noun object, to wit--

'who also regret Pearl Harbor,'
'how many thousands would regret the bargain!'
'how you will regret your ingratitude'
'I see no cause to regret this diffidence'
'I regret this oversight'
'you do not regret the confidence'--

--and there are a few more with 'regret it'. Most of the collocations called up seem to be subordinate clauses of the 'I regret that I have but one life to give to my country' variety or nonfinite (I regret to announce/etc.)


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