1. Can you check for the right one or give me something your own?

He is wearing a company uniform with a white shirt. He has a narrow/skinny/thin blue tie and wearing sneakers. He has a circular/circle-shaped/circle face.

Also, is the underlined question correct grammatically and in punctuations?

2.Why the sentence below has the words "THEs"? Are they placed to note the specialness of those that are being referred?

In short, if we don't pray, we will unable to fulfill the Great Commandment and the Great Commission.
1. He is wearing a company uniform with a while shirt. Has a narrow (or thin) blue tie and is wearing sneakers. He has a round face.

2. Because it is a specific great commandment and a specific great commission.
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Thank you.

In regard to Number 2, I know a lot of times proper names have the determiner "the" in front of them like here:

The International Potters Commission -- Here, the word "commission" kind necessitates the inclusion of the determiner "the."

But for No. 2, the two names "Great Commandment" and "Great Commission" are the proper names and to me, by their nature, they are specific enough.

But you said, I think, the det "The" is there in the sentences because the word IS a specific great commandment and a specific commission.

The aspect of putting the det "the" in front of proper names is what gives me an uneasy feeling.

I know it is better to have the det "the" in front of the proper names "Great Commandment' and "Great Commission" but the clear reasons for the necessity of their placement are what escape me.

I'm not really sure what the great commandment and great commission are - but I think it is a similar situation to saying you should follow the ten commandments of the bible. Ten Commandments - I suppose that you could choose whether or not to see that phrase as a proper noun, if you did, it would still be follow the Ten Commandments.