Application For Increase in Salary.

Referring to the above matter, I kindly request for a salary increment upon your good deed from RM2000 to RM2800. I buy a house that cost me RM1500 per months and my current salary will not enough for me. Also considering, I have a baby to take care of and coming baby that will deliver on this September 2009. So, I have to pay more for the nursery which cost me RM500 for both kids. Otherwise, this increment will help to pay my hospital bill for delivering baby and other baby need. As you aware, our annual leave balance is 4 days only which make my leave for hospital checkup as unpaid and my money become less.

For that reasons, I wish my salary will be increase to RM2800 excluding traveling allowance. I am looking forward to your kindness in this matter. Thank you.
help me to writing another one i don't understandance this. please as you help may God help you also? thanks
i was searching for the same letter and i found this

I request an opportunity to meet with you to review my salary. I feel that this is the appropriate time for a salary review because [choose one, or write your own:]. "I have been with the company for a year without a raise", or "I have recently made a significant contribution to the company", or "annual review is approaching/overdue", "we agreed to review my salary after the first three months".

I was hired by [your company name]for my ability and experience in ....[review the reason they wanted you]I believe that an increase in my salary is now warranted.[state why you deserve the raise; here is a list to help you; pick one or two, not too many]
  • I have successfully taken responsibility for ...
  • I have a number of accomplishments to my credit:...
  • My knowledge and skill in ... has allowed the company to...
  • I have demonstrated an ability to work independently and take initiative.
  • I put in long days, weekend work, and "on-call" work.
  • I have taken initiative, for example...
  • I have been working at this salary for XX months; a change in pay level is appropriate.
  • I work independently, keeping the cost of supervision to a minimum.
  • I assume and handle management responsibilities, traditionally highly paid work.
  • My responsibilities have increased...
  • I have demonstrated a commitment to the company.
I would like you to know that I view my future at [company name] very positively. I want to continue to ... I anticipate some day...

I have been led to believe that you are satisfied with my work, so I am confident that you will want to sincerely consider my request.

I look forward to hearing from you very soon.

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thank you so much..but..i already quit since they wont increase my salary and i got another job

this esteemed company for the last 5 years 3 month. my salary 2500 , I need more salary but I confused what write to say for the HR deprt.

Application for increase in salary

Dear sir,

I kindly request for increment of salary, alots of people that came into this organisation after me are collecting more than me, sir all I get is am hard working but it's not reflecting in my salary. Pls sir I will like you to pls looking into it for me sir.


Mary balogun

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