Can anyone here help me how to write letter to my lecturer, this letter is purpose get me pass programming subject. This is what lecturer advise me. I sat this subject many times but it still failed.


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Barri, you need to try to write the letter yourself first. We can help you edit it, but we don't write it for you. Just put in your own words what you want to say; don't worry about making it "fancy."
here the sample: can anyone here correct this :

Dear Sir,

I am a student in Information of technology and doing part-time study.

I would like you to get me pass for VB programming subject.

1. For information, I have completion all the subject except for this subject.

2. I studied hard for this subject but unfortunately I got failed. So that I hope that you help me and get the graduate this year.

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Hi again Barri.

You need to give a reason. If you failed, why SHOULD he pass you?

I am a part-time student in Information Technoloy. I am writing to request your help in passing the course in VB programming. I have completed all of my courework except this one. Although I have studied hard, I still did not pass. Please tell me what I can do to pass this course so I can graduate this year.
Thank you so much guy!.. im very appreciate it. I got the point.
I would like to know about my assignment of Marketing Research, I still don’t know how many marks I’ve got!
Kind regards!
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Do you want to write to somebody about this? What would you like to say to them?

Studt Programming until you have the ncessary knowledge to pass your assessment. xWriting a letter to your lecturer cannot improve your Programming knowledge.
thank you for the simple trail mail
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