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I wrote blow motivation letter for a university, would you pleas help to correct my gramatical errors. Also, does this letter cover , what should write in a motivation letter?

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Here is my letter:

I am writing to you to express my deep interest in MBA course of ... University which is rendered by EM Program. This program has interested me because of its international background, its location, its course syllabus and it’s being taught in English. I strongly believe that EM program is the best opportunity for me because of some main reasons, first and the foremost, I will be supported financially and it will help me to focus on my studies without any anxious about tuition fee and other costs. Second, it will be a unique kind of experience for me: experience other educational system, familiar with other cultures, meet new people and make new friends. Moreover, I will simply have this chance to improve my language skills. In addition, I am confident that it will open new horizons in my life; it will help me build many valuable skills and give me academic, personal and professional advantages.

I have a bachelor degree in Computer Engineering- Software. Right after my graduation I started my job and since then I worked as an Application Developer in Major IT Company in Iran. As you know, most of the MBA programs demand a minimum of 3 years work experience and I have around 6 year work experience in Application Developing particularly J2ee and java programming. Although, my academic and profession backgrounds are in different areas from MBA but I strongly believe that they will help me in some cases. First, they give me perfect analytical view that it will help me to analyze information in the most effective way. Also, due to my previous academic experience, I have a sufficient base of knowledge in statistics as well as strong mathematical background. My job offer me good skills such as working hard, working in a team , good participation in group, develop my own thoughts and share them with other ,take responsibility, enthusiastic to learn new things , love the new challenges ,research and using innovation . Furthermore, I have good knowledge of English. The most important is that I have a professional knowledge of computer .To sum up, I am sure that all my skills, experiences and abilities will help me in this Program.

As soon as I had finished my undergraduate degree in engineering, MBA was on my mind. But since then I have went to work and I have faced with lack of enough knowledge in managers, different problems and deficiency in management in companies such my company I have motivated to know more and more about management and this lead to I completed several training courses such as fundamentals of management in professional institute and read many business and management books. My interests in management and business issues become more and I feel that I need to know more and I think MBA will fulfill this need now I make up my mind and I plan to study MBA.

I firmly believe that MBA opens doors and provides the modern manager with the tools needed to identify new business opportunities and threats. With all the uncertainty and changes in with world, political, economic, and technological, I believe that management must have a solid understanding, supported by a strong academic foundation, of how to guide companies through these challenging times. And I am confident that the Master’s Program in MBA offered by Duesto University will provide me the knowledge, confidence, and contacts to realize my dreams.

After completing the Master's Program, I plan to continue my education and obtain a Ph.D. in Management or business. And then I become a faculty member at a leading university and investigate issues concerned with Management . Also, I am very interested in researching in the field of Human Resource Management and one of my desires is become a theoretician in this field. Also, I like to work as a counselor in big companies.
i would like to pay some attention to your draft and amend it accordingly - yet i'm poor and 'hungry' and may, therefore, need you to assure me that i can go ahead and do it for a small fee - the disbursement of which can be arranged accordingly.

kind regards,

kagiso s.
What the crap. This iranian guy's/gal's letter so poor already and you want to make money from his problem.. Hahaha. Good luck.
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Is someone, who can't type capital letters, capable of appraising others' work, I wonder?
My friend the sole thing that we got as a benefits from the above paragraph is that it is written in a good way specially for beginners or for those who dont have the skill in choosing terms,otherwise the above paragraph is like a life-story.
In fact i stated above is applicable to my case into some extent.

anyway your effort is really appreciated but a kind reminder in an MBA course you will thought while writing a report that your boss or your superior or let us say a reader does not have all that time to read such letter. can not even know how you dare to call it a letter.