Some people use the Internet to search for solutions to their medical problems. Is it a positive or negative development? Give your own opinion and examples from your experience.

Today, the Internet covers most of the world, so people in today's 4.0 society cannot live without the Internet. Many people go up there to read the information to prevent future illness. But some information on social media will not be completely true. But in my opinion, as a person who uses the Internet to look up information, I think when we find reliable websites to read, we will be able to improve our understanding of how to handle pathogens. to partially prevent the spread of the disease to other organs or to other people.

On the one hand, currently, there is a lot of false information on medical websites, most of which is not written by leading medical experts, but is written and posted according to the knowledge and experience of those who have been in the past. going through, those who go through that painful time are the lucky ones and are treated by people with medical expertise, some websites even borrow images of sick people to advertise the treatment. For example, in Vietnam, there are often drug and leaf treatments according to online instructions, but the results when treated in these ways are not effective, and the disease is even worse.

On the other hand, Internet plays an important role in providing information so that people can better understand aspects of the current diseases that they may have. But they need to verify this with doctors, medical centers with expertise, not self-treating at home. However, we can treat at home when we have a mild illness such as cough, fever, runny nose by drinking lemon juice, steaming to warm up the body, taking medicine when prescribed by a doctor. For example, now that the COVID-19 pandemic is happening, we follow the instructions of the websites as well as the doctors such as wearing a mask, disinfecting, avoiding going out many times because we will be infected with COVID otherwise. Fortunately, when we have an understanding of the disease and we have to voluntarily follow it and self-treat at home if possible, the hospital will reduce the number of patients and have room for more critical patients.

Finally, the publication of information on Internet communication should be developed, but it is necessary for network controllers to check the information to avoid public confusion, another thing is that we need to find information on reliable websites.


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