Hi all

Here are some pictures of Helsinki for you.

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Please someone who knows these things, why do links expire and how do I prevent that?

Thank you
Hi Cool Breeze,
it's nice of you sharing pictures from Helsinki, I assume it's your home town?
You really got me interested in the city now...and there are questions that arised. I hope you don't bother answering them for me, I would just be delighted if you do so!
So, here is one question, I'd like to ask: Is there a lake around Helsinki or is the marina (?) on the first pic at a river? (I have to mention, I haven't taken my time to look at the Finland map ^^)
Thanks in advance!

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Hi Chris

Helsinki is indeed my home town. It is situated on Finland's south coast and all the water you see is the Baltic Sea, or a leg of it called the Gulf of Finland. There are frequent boats to Tallinn, Estonia, from Helsinki and every evening throughout the year two luxurious boats leave for Stockholm. One of them has cabins for 2500 people, 14 decks, numerous restaurants and bars, a night club, a swimming pool etc. Many people take the trip just for the fun of it, but of course there are serious travellers also.

I'll try to upload a couple of additional pictures - one of Helsinki's 38 beaches. Last time the connection somehow timed out, or expired as the official wording was. I don't know what caused that; I just hope I'll do better this time.Emotion: smile

(Link expired)

(Link expired)
Gee whizz! I think it works! More tomorrow - I'll have to go now and quench my sauna thirst.

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I was amazed at the sight of people lying on the beach in Helsinki!
What's the average temperature there in the summer? I guess I'd be freezing! Emotion: smile
Thanks for the pictures.But I want to ask a question. What is the highest temperature in Helsinki? I have always thought that it is a cold country.
I checked the Finnish Meteorological Institute's website and found out that the highest temperature ever recorded in Finland is 35.9C in Turku, which is on the southwestern coast. When I took the picture at Hietaniemi Beach, it was a warm day, about 27C. Daytime temperatures vary greatly at all times of the year but they are usually in the twenties in summer. No one would like to go to the beach at the moment, the temperature is -0.2C.Emotion: smile

I'll try and upload a few more pictures - another one of Hietaniemi Beach, one that represents Pihlajasaari Island with a nice little cove and a park in downtown Helsinki.


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