Please don't laugh.

One thing had always confused me lot, that is, for married male (married to a female), which of the folliwng will be correct?

I am his husband


I am her husband

If possible then please explain the difference.

Thanks in advance.

Confused Male
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Why can't we use his/her spouse? Married, but "spouse" does not (need not) indicate gender.
AnonymousWhy can't we use his/her spouse?
Did someone say that we can't use that?

We can use that. But if it's the spouse of a male, it's 'his spouse', and if it's the spouse of a female, it's 'her spouse'.

So the fact that 'spouse' can apply to both males and females doesn't change the fact that you have to choose between 'his' and 'her', if that's what you were hoping. Emotion: smile

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I just had to bump this discussion up to celebrate the fact that as of today, "his husband" and "her wife" are legally possible throughout the U.S.A. Emotion: party
I'm her wife or I'm his wife

In Canada, saame-sex marriage is legal, so it could be either phrase.

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The differences in "I am His Husband" and "I am Her Husband" is that "His Husband" indicates that the couple are both male and "Her Husband" indicates the the couple and male and female same for "Her Wife" and "His Wife" Her = Both Female and His = Male and Female.

As you Identify as Straight, you would use "I am Her Husband", as for me since I am Gay I would use "I am His Husband".

I am her husband...

Her represents your wife...

I am his husband
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