Is "Here comes..." more common than "...is coming" in everyday conversation?
Here comes the bus. The bus is coming.
Here comes the car. The car is coming.
Here comes the man. The man is coming.
Here he comes. He is coming.

Thanks a lot.
"Here he comes" is not equal (well, in general) to Present Continious. The first is a bit poetic and informal to my ear. In everyday conversation I would use both without much difference.
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What does "Here he comes" mean?
i think, when he's just come,,,you say: oh, here he comes...
stephenlearnerWhat does "Here he comes" mean?
He is now approaching. / I see that he is coming here. / I see that he is on his way here now.

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Thank you all very much.
Both "Here comes" and "is coming" are not the same thing. "Here comes," is taken to mean it is close enough to be seen by the speaker, while "is coming" means it is on its way, but not as close.
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Omg thanks a lot I felt so stupid for not understanding the teacher's joke. When someone made this mistake the teacher said: '"is coming" is something we will not be discussing in class'

and everyone lauched. Well thanks for reading my long story haha