Dear Sir/Madam,

Holder of a BTS Tourism, (its a tourism operation program in university,diploma for pre-graduated, i dont know how to explain it) I would wish to occupy an employment in your company. Currently in the search of an employment, I am particularly intersted by the post of crew.

Young, dynamic and motivated, I would highly like to begin in the active life. My dreaction of the reception, my taste of the contact with the customers, my availability, associated a good control of the data-processing tool will be, I hope for it, decisive qualities in your eyes.

I speak two foreign languages, French, English, and has an intermediate Spanish level. My resume which is enclosed, showing further information of my education, experience and background.

I believe working in your company will provide me with the challenging and innovotive enviroment that I am looking for. Having the direction of the human contacts, I developed a real sense of team sprit. Very organized and methodical, I will be able to adapt whatever my assignment. If my candidature interests you, I will be happy to meet you for a maintenance.(I am not sure if i can say like this)

I am looking forward to meeting you to discuss my skills and interests further.Thank you for you time and consideration.


Jasmine ... Jasmine. When you write a cover letter, always stress what you can contribute to the company, and not what the company and do for you. You're asking them to give you a job remember?
Thanks jay for giving your advice for my cover letter Emotion: smile

If i take of the sentence which is "I believe working in your company will provide me with the challenging and innotive enviroment that i am looking for" all others are perferct enough?

thanks again


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I mean perfectEmotion: embarrassed
Hi 茉莉花(=Jasmine)

The latter part of yours is good,however,you should reconsider the beginning part.

Dear Sir or Madam,

Nice to meet you.I am a holder of a BTS Tourism,It's my great honour to have this opportunity to apply an employment in your well distinguished company.

Young but energetic and acquainted,I was well trained in my university.Now,it is a start point for me to creat my career...

... ...


Hi Hep. I dont think that I can say "nice to meet you" in the cover letter. I took your advise of starting my career.

Thanks for helping me

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You're right Jasmine. Perhaps you want to use 'nice to meet you' only after you had an interview with an interviewer and you're sending him a thank you note.

There are actually plenty of resources out there giving you samples of cover letters of different flavour. Let me know if you can't find them.