He had his head right in the crosshair. He saw his eyes. They were blue. His hair was black. He had a hat on, who made him look like a cowboy. He pulled the trigger. A red sky of blood showed that the target was hit. He packed the sniper rifle into the bag, and called the elevator.

George ordered his pizza. He was a man, 35 years old, and had a well trained body. He was the leader of the LAPD S.W.A.T team. Before he was picked by S.W.A.T, he worked as an investigator. The reason he was picked was because he saved the leader’s life during an operation. –35? A young waiter holds a pizza in the air. The smell made him feel good.

As he turned around with the pizza under the arm, a sound of something was penetrating flesh, and something hitting the ground. People started screaming, and ran away. George, without thinking, quickly started first aid on the man. The bullet had hit him right in the heart. He was alive, but not for much longer. George saw his face. It was filled with pain. He tried to say something. His mouth moved up and down, but he couldn’t say the words.

The night of Los Angeles was cold that night. Sirens cut through the night. George opened the mans wallet. His name was Eric Thomason. Probably Swedish he thought. As he looked for anything else, two pictures fell out. It was 2 kids. It was boy and a young girl. The boy smiled. He couldn’t be more than 5-6 months old. The girl was probably 7-8 years old.

-Who are you? A police officer asked him to stand up, and pointed a flashlight straight up in his face. He wasn’t higher than George, so he didn’t sound so hostile anymore.
-I’m George Haydensfield. I’m investigating this case. He showed him his id. The man looked on him with curious eyes. He probably though it was strange that an investigator was on the case before he even knew about the murder.

The pizza didn’t smell as good anymore he noticed as he locked himself into his apartment. His dog almost crashed in him when he smelled the pizza. He just put the pizza on the floor, and went to bed. He just couldn’t sleep. So, he dressed up, and went for work. Only 3 hours after the murder. He noticed that the dog had spilled pizza over the whole kitchen.

Who are you? What are you doing? STOP THAT! Silence. There wasn’t a sound. He holstered he’s weapon, and unpacked the gun. It was a M24SWS. He mounted the silencer, and found his position in the window. Here he had the perfect overview. So, then his final spot was picked. He was ready to die. He found his bag, and took up his m18 Claymore mine. He placed it so if anyone opened the door, it would blow the whole door and anyone opening through the wall. So, the defence position is done. He moved the sniper rifle to his shoulder, and picked a target.

-64-1, reports about shooting in 67th street, can you check it out? The voice was as usual a woman’s. Even he had been in the cops for 10 years, he had never heard a male voice on the radio. He though about that as he drove against 67th street. His partner, Michael was sitting next to him, reloading his gun. He was young he though.

He looked at the car in the crosshair. It was a police car. Finally he though. It had taken them 5 minutes to respond to the murder. He saw the woman who was dialling from the Telephone box. He took aim, and looked some seconds, before he withdrew the gun. She was carrying a baby. He would never allow himself to do such a thing. So he took aim on one of the police officers.

Michael saw his partner holding the woundeds hand. It was a male who was hit. He was probably around 20 years. He cried. Michael went back to the car to call up George, who was leading the investigation. Strange he though, SWAT people doesn’t lead investigations.
-George, we have a situation at Vermont Avenue around 67th street, can you… Oh ***, officer down, officer down, we need a medical team at once!
-What’s happening? George didn’t know he was screaming.

Michael drew his gun, and hide behind the car window. His partner was lying with his face down, showing were he was hit, and the direction to the bullet. Michael saw against a high block. All windows were black, without one. He tried to reach the radio.

He pointed the gun at the second police officer, and pulled the trigger.

Michael got threw back, and felt a pain in his chest. All he could think of was his girlfriend. Then he fades out.

George kept the pedal to the metal. This had to be a breakthrough. They had been without one trace for the last week. Now, finally, they could have one. But, there was one backfire. They had probably lost 2 police officers. He remembered when he lost his father. He was playing with his police car. Then the phone rang. His mum had gone to take it, and in the next moment, she dropped the phone. A tear dropped from his eye.
He was getting tired. Nothing happened down there.

George jumped out of the car, and ran to Michael. He was injured badly. The bullet was planted right in his chest. He took his hand. His eyes were blurry.
-His up there somewhere. You’d better call in a SWAT team. Then you’ll find him. But, don’t move outside this car.
He took up his phone, and called a number.

The satellite “Origin” turned it heat-seeking cam. It focused on one building in LA. It took 3 minutes before the SWAT team had the pictures in their hand. They picked up their equipment, and jumped into the helicopter.

They were going to strike on apartment 56, in floor 8. The chopper, a Black Hawk landed on the roof. 5 men jumped out. One of them was Ding Chavez, a boy from Brazil. He grew up in LA, a “street child”. They quickly ran down the stairs. And after 5 minutes they was outside 56.

He wondered what took so long. Why didn’t they send more cops? Did they know he still was here? He reloaded his gun.

Chavez heard the reload clip. He signalised that the door breaker, a big guy from New Orleans should break up the door.

An ugly noise made him turn around. A big bang after told him that the mine was triggered.

Chavez saw the door breaker open the door. Suddenly an explosion threw them backwards, and the corridor was full of smoke. He quickly ran into the room, firing 3 shots against the shadow of a guy.

He saw the man who opened the door getting blow away. He saw a shadow running into the room firing against him. He felt a pain in his chest, and fell.

Chavez confirmed the tango down, and turned against the door breaker. He had been killed instantly. On the radio, a guy named George congratulated them. He sounded pleased.

George stood up. He looked against a window with smoke out. Well, time to call these police officers family. He didn’t want to. But it was something he had to do. It’s a crazy world he thought as he drove against Michaels home.

I should think the first part of the story is quite nice but I got lost in the second part. I'm afraid the paragraphs are not clearly organized.
Second part from where?Emotion: smile
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Great, thanks for the replyEmotion: smile Any grammar or something?

What do you think that transcendentalism is all about? Transcendentalism is a form of philosophical romanticism that places reliance on human intuition and con-science. Transcendentalism holds that human inner consciousness is dive, which the whole of God’s moral law is revealed in nature, and that ultimate truth can be discovered by people’s inmost felling ands morality guided by conscience. Transcendentalism is the belief that society is everywhere, life in nature, and in yourself.

Transcendentalism can be described in many ways. Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Society everywhere is in conspiracy against the manhood of every one of its member.” Emerson tries to tell the people that society is everywhere including with us and every body else. In other words, Emerson is trying to say that together we could do something good but with relating with self-esteem and humor people can’t get along because they are not made equal. He who would gather immortal palms must not be hindered by the name of goodness, but must explore if it be goodness. Nothing is at last scared but the integrity of your own mind. In words, I think that society is not created equal because people are just different in many ways. For example their religious, their rights, etc… There are some other ways that society could be described as.

How could you describe “Nature” in a specific way? Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “The love of nature is he who’s inward and outward senses are still truly adjusted to each other; that has retained the spirit of infancy even to the era of manhood.” You are probably trying to say, “What on earth is he talking about?” Nature is not just a forest, animals, or any thing else. Emerson tries to say, “Nature could be inside and out side of you.” In other ways, it is meaning that if you really think about nature you’ll feel spiritual inside and outside. If you don’t think that nature is pure-goodness you’re spirit will diminish in seconds. Nature also says, “He is my creature, and in spite of all his impertinent grits, he shall be glad with. God is the one created earth and brought life to this world. Nature is considered the most important thing in life.

Do you think that you always think for other not for yourself? Do you even believe in yourself? “So little capitals are required, so little distraction from my wonted moods, I foolish though”, said Henry David Thoreau. Thoreau was one those persons who thought for his self, but some times he would only think a little about himself. He need some one else to also think for him and also need more moods so he could accomplish his work and mind. Thinking for yourself is better than thinking for others because that will help you in life and expand the ways to think. He also said, “I am convinced, both by faith and experience, that to maintain one’s self on this earth is not a hardship but a pastime, if we will live simply and wisely.

Do you think that now you know an idea of what transcendentalism is all about? Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau where great writers. They had the capacity of explaining transcendentalism in their essays and their poems. Transcendentalists try to open our eyes and see that there is more to life than living by others opinions. Transcendentalism is a form of philosophical romanticism that places reliance on human intuition and conscience. Transcendentalism is believing in society is everywhere, nature in life, and in yourself.
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Harassment Essay

Once this kid named Bill Thomas. Was asked to become a member of a gang. The gang members thought he was cool.
So one day when Bill was walking home they asked him “hey you want to be in our gang” . He just refused their offer and walked away. The gang got mad.
The other day at school Bill went to his desk there was a note he read it said, “ you are pathetic we thought you were cool” and then after he read that note some body had unscrewed his chair. So he fell .
After school he was going home when he ran into the gang. The gang told him they did that to his chair and the note. They told him that this was the beginning.
At home Bill told his mom that the gang had asked him to be a member. He had refused and that they were bothering him.
Then the gang members had come till his house. They were throwing rocks inside his house. Bill reported them to the cops they got under arrest. They never harassed him again.
I'm sorry, but your writing is so discombobulated that I can hardly follow it. You do not make appropriate use of punctuation or any other mechanics. You need to work on writing more fluidly, and also try to be a bit more, er, realistic?