Thought I should introduce myself. I live in Nashville, Tennessee, USA. I love teaching people whatever I know (which isn't much, let me assure you!), and I love languages, so I thought this would be a good place to join. Here are a couple of pics of me (as you can see, I'm not much to look at)...

(missing image)

This is my sister Asia and me. Doesn't she have a cool name?!

(missing image)

This is my boss and me dressed up as people from the 60's/70's for a company function.
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Glad to read that you love teaching, more than welcome to the forums.
Which languages do you speak or are interested in?
And yes, Asia, beautiful name.
They are really nice pictures!!
Your sister's name is Asia!? What a lovely name! Emotion: wink What a cool name!

I like the second pic, too. Emotion: smile It seems you had a great fun with your boss..... Lol.

BTW, what does your signiture mean? Has anyone asked about it somewhere in this forum yet? It's a Chinese phrase, isn't it? I'm Japanese, so I can read these kanji(each kanji), but I don't understand the meaning. Could you please explain?.....Thanks!
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Thanks for the comments! I only speak English fluently, but I'm self-studying Mandarin and some Cantonese. Somewhere in my head there's a little French from when I took 5 years of French in middle school and high school, but most of it has been replaced by my Chinese. Anyway, the only languages I feel qualified to teach in any depth is English and maybe some of the basics of Mandarin; my Cantonese is atrocious!

In fact, that's what my signature says, "I self study Chinese." ?????. Thanks again for the comments!

If you'd like more info about me, you can check out my website (warning, it's dumb)...

[url=" "]Click here to do that.[/url]
ye...Your sister really has such a cool name--Asia!
As an Asian, I am very glad to see this name:)

What makes me happier is that i saw my native language in your signature...
I feel so familiar with those characters in a forum full of English letters...
I admire you so much for your courage to "self study Chinese", for I heard this would be a hard task to do, though I don't feel so:)

When you have trouble in learning Chinese(madarin onlyEmotion: smile), you can ask me if you like. I am happy to help.

BTW, is your ID a Chinese word too? "curious", right? I was attracted in this post because of this interesting ID... :]

I'm glad I could make you feel a little more comfortable here. hehe, I need a lot of practice with my han zi, so I use it whenever I can!

I'm not the one to be admired...YOU are the one to be admired! ????????!!! Once you get the tones down, Mandarin isn't all that hard compared to English. There aren't as many exceptions and ridiculous rules as there are in English.

Thanks for the offer of help! I may take you up on that! I frequent and get a lot of help there, too.

Yep, my ID means curious! ???! Thanks for posting!
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I am really excited about seeing Chinese character here .Good for you that you think Chinese is more easy to learn than English.That probably means you have reached a certain level.
If you have any questions simply drop me a line to Email Removed.
It would be more likely that I will reply it in a reasonable way which is accepted by most of the learner of Chinese.
Nice seeing your own website.
Wow, thanks! I didn't expect it, but I've gotten a lot of great encouragement and offers of help here! Thanks again!!! If you'd like to help me and other learners of Chinese, you should check out [url=" "][/url], which is where I get help and advice on the language.

Thank you again! ????!
hi,nice to meet u,i am a chinese chinese name is ??? ,do u have chinese name? i have visited ur pensonal website.i like its u mind make friend with me?my msn messenger:Email Removed
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