The one in blue is my class mate. Emotion: smile
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The one in blue is my class mate. Emotion: smile

Hey Doll, I couldn't see your pic at first, I hope you don't mind that I quoted your post to let it show!

How nice you are Emotion: surprise You look very nice and friendly, just like I imagined you were after our chats on TCP Emotion: smile

I have a question: you told me that you were on a diet once, why are you doing that??? you're perfect as you are Emotion: wink

Nice pic.

What you have eating there?
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You are so pretty ,DollEmotion: big smile

Nice to see you in the Photos Section! I should agree with people here, you look really nice and as Fran said, you look really friendly with that smile!:D
Thank you so much Francesca for helping me and the others thanks for your cute comments. By the way, I am still on a diet because I am still a bit fat and we were eating döner-a kind of Turkish food there.
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You look very friendly but... Ah, you are Doll. So you are the one who wanted me to stop posting in that thread, right? (Do you remember?) Well, well, well...
LOL, I'm just teasing you, there's nothing wrong with that. Emotion: wink

Nice pic, really.
Emotion: smile
doll, you look healthy. don't diet! did a boy say you are fat? if a gril said it just ignore her.(you're not a lesbo, right) maybe you should have a poll on how fat you are. is turkey in iran. how is life in turkey?
Hi Golden.I don't care what people think. My doctor advised me to go on a diet. Though I don't seem fat, my organs are in danger. It is something strange I can't explain now. Turkey is not in Iran. It is a just a neighbour of it. We are also a neigbour of Greece, Iraq, Syria, Armenia and Bulgaria.Emotion: smile
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