Yet again, after Dj Bueno, I'm posting a picture that isn't mine... This time we'll see Joy... Emotion: big smile

Here she is...
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I'm glad to see my dear friend,a proud member of RidSoc..

You look cool ,too! [Y]

Have a nice day,

Ah, thanks so much Jac! Emotion: big smile

Guys - what say? [:^)]


- Joy
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Hey Joy!

Looking good there... Emotion: smile

Missing one of my best friends....

See u in the summer ..

Aru, miss you too.

Dj - so you finally get to see me in my natural habitat!

I like the RidSoc - two Indians(Aru and me), an Italian(Jac), one Turkish(Dj), Eargasms(where is he from I wonder), Yezen from Iraq... multinational club, aren't we? that's why I like the Net so much I suppose.

Getting pointless here. I should go to sleep.

- Joy.
You look so cool and calm.Yours and aru's signature are fantabulous!!
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Thank you, Ayesha, for liking Aru's sig and mine! In fact, had she not already gone for the "Snape is innocent" line, I might have done something very similar.

Here is another crop from the same photo, hopefully there won't be problems loading it -
Sorry I messed up the last post. Fingers crossed...

Can you see it?

- Joy [:^)]

you made it joy.Emotion: wink
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