Hello Everybody!!

I'm Amira, I'm 19, I'm from Belgium and I'm a Univeristy student (I study German languages (english and German)...and I always say 'I'm' (hum Emotion: wink )

Best wishes!
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Pleased to meet you! You're devilishly nice! Emotion: smile
Thanks BasilEmotion: embarrassed
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hi Mira
You Are Looking soo Cute, I like your smile!!!
What a lot of compliments!

Thank you very much!!!
I agree with Basil. It looks like you just did something a little naughty.
Thanks for the pic, it's great.
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Thanks Woodward Emotion: wink ... Something naughty? hmm... Maybe :-p
hi amira
my name is amir from egypt 24 years old and i hope to accept me to be your friend
and i'm live in kuwait right now , and i'm interested in making new friend from all over the world as well i want to improve my english language , i would be bappy if you add me in your contact list on ( msn or yahoo ) this my email

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Email Removed

you look realy nice Amira....nice to see you
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