Hi, you all.

I'm from Argentina.

That's a picture of mine paddling around.

I'm looking for people to chat with, to improve my english skills.

See ya.

(missing image)

(I can't seem to make the HTML tags work,Why is that? How should I put HTML tags?)
Could a moderator fix ir for me? Or tell me how to do it?

Hi Kayaker,

I tried to go to your link that you embedded in the above document. I wasn't able to reach your picture. I suspect that these free webhosting sites don't allow you to deeplink to their site.

You will need to put your picture on your own webpage hosted by your ISP or by a commercial host. You might simply try providing us with the link to your free website? That might work.

So in summary, I don't believe it is English Forums that is preventing your picture from showing. Instead, it is the free web host that is preventing your picture from showing. They likely don't want to have large graphic files being downloaded thousands of times. It is just a bandwidth issue.

So, there's no way to link to : ?

How come?

If I put that hyperlink in my browser, there's no problem.

Well, maybe you're right, the guys at fortunecity check the referrer or something that blocks the link.

I'll e-mail the image to the webmaster, because I haven't any hosted pages anywhere.

Could you put it in here afterwards?

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Hi Kayaker,

Thank you for your patience.

I tried your link using both IE and Firefox browsers, and neither one worked.

I have a hunch that becaues you are registered with FortuneCity and are linking to your site, you are okay. The cookies on your computer identify you.

But everyone else gets a little FortuneCity graphic. I wish I could copy and paste the graphic for you to see.

At the present time, we can not put your file here. Your best bet would be to link to your FortuneCity homepage. But to be honest, I don't like going to FortuneCity and others becauase of the possibility of Spyware.


You're right about Fortunecity.

There's something strange abount linking to their pages from the outside.
They're blocking it somehow.

I've emailed the pic to the webmaster, if you can put it in here is ok, and I you can't there's no problem. Never mind.

Thanks a lot anyway.
Hi Kayaker,

I've fixed it. The problem was that the forums don't support the border="" attribute for the HTML tag. The only supported attribute is src="".
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Hi Matthewg,

Interesting, I tried putting the following link () into Firefox and IE. In Firefox, I got the picture to show up today (it didn't yesterday) and in IE I get a silly little graphic from "Fortune City, Web hosting, Domain Names." It's an odd and inconsistent behavior. In any event, I am glad you were able to get the graphic to show in Kayaker's message.