Is the contraction "here's" considered bad english?

Need to know ASAP.

It will be used on the inside of our holiday card signed...

"We appreciate your business. Here's to a great 2006."

Just making sure this is okay.
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Here is = Here's is good English.
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Here's is definitely not good English. Only when spoken. Ever since kindergarten I have learned that in written English it should be here is. It is important not to use contractions in written English. You can look it up in almost any grammarbook.

Regards Jay
Hi X11,

It is true that contractions should be avoided in formal writing.
However, that card would not be considered formal writing. "Here's" is fine in that context.
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Yes, it sounds fine to me too.

"Here's to..." is what you say when you lift a glass in a toast to someone or something, e.g.

1. Here's to you!

2. Here's to health and happiness!

3. Here's to Mr and MrsQ!

4. Here's to the crew of Le Papillon!

5. Here's to a happy and prosperous 2006!

(You don't say "here is", in this context.)

MrPedantic3. Here's to Mr and MrsQ!

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Hi Lazarus,

My general point: In informal writings, the contractions are OK,but they should be generally avoided in academic, formal writing.
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