What is it? I found it is some kind of candy, but could you describe it for me please, I mean those of you who eat it regularly. Don't bother to look for it if you have never heard of it.
Thank you
A Hershey's kiss is a bite-sized teardrop-shaped piece of very mild-tasting milk chocolate wrapped in silver foil, with a tiny paper strip that says "Hershey's" coming out of the top of the foil. If you google "Hershey's kiss" an image will pop up on the search page.

What's the smell of hershey kisses?

Very much what I imagine heaven to smell like.

I live about an hour from Hershey. The whole town smells like chocolate.

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Thanks Khoff for this detailed description
Bring me all your chocolate questions - I know a lot more about chocolate than about grammar!
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What's the smell of hershey kisses?

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