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Please help explain the words in bold type below :

I recently found a new dealer and he seemed nice. Well my other friends told me he pinched other peoples bags. I didn't have a problem with it as long as he didn't screw me over too bad since he was my only dealer. Well in the past he has shorted me like .2 grams on an eigth. Well last time he shorted me half a gram I was kinda mad about it but let it slide. Today I go to him to get one I pay him 40 an eigth for dank.

I go up to his house and hes like No don't come in. So I said ok. I waited outside and he came out and he told me to meet me in this little shed behind his house. He had the bags already on him so I give him the money and he hands it to me. Excited I got some dank because I was dry for a few days I wait till I get home to weigh. My friend was with me he said it looked like an eigth.

What 's the meaning of :a/ shorted me like .2 grams on an eigth. b/ I go up to his house and hes like No don't come in.

Thank you in advanve
like is a word where the use/meaning has extended a lot; especially among younger. In many cases it doesn't really have a meaning and is more of a verbal tic.

shorted me like .2 grams on an eigth - like has no meaning here. It's just a verbal tic. shorted me .2 grams on an eighth. He undersupplied me by .2 grams on my eighth of an ounce.

hes like No don't come in. A common new use of like - he said 'No, don't come in.'
To "short" someone means to give them less than they paid for. If you pay for a pound of cheese and receive only 3/4 of a pound, you have been "shorted" one-fourth of a pound.
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Thank you Nona The Brit.

By the way could you help me understand exactly the meaning of the verb " to short " I have consulted dictionaries but cannot understand because the dictionaries do not provide examples. I would appreciate it very much if you could clarify its meanings by giving me some effective examples.

Best wishes
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Thank you very much khoffEmotion: big smile