Hello Every one, i want to improve my English but i have hesitation in speaking because my english is not so much good can somebody tell me how can i remove my hesitation in speaking ,what happens with me if somebody speaks English with me in fluent way i could not able to answer in proper way
please tell me how to remove this hesitation.

Thanks in advance.
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You also need to learn how to handle hesitations: intonation, creaky voice, fillers, hesitation pauses, etc.
In my opinion people opt behind ego, you can not remove your hazitations,untill unless you people don't be egoistic sort of guys and bells.
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I had the same problem some day ago. but now I have over come on my hasitation by practising before mirror. practice on mirror for 5 minuts daily a day only it will help you a lot.

Thanks for asking
Hi ,

My name is Ravi and I am facing problem in speaking english . I am good in english grammar but hesitation is main problem stop me speking english fluently . Kindly someone suggest
thats the realy right way.. i think! thanku for giving such a great advice
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Practise speaking alone- talk to youself at home to build up your confidence. Then try to arrange to speak to someone in a non-professional situation and get used to doing it before speaking in professional situations. Ultimately, you have to overcome the fear, so fight it.. The fear is in your mind- when you are speaking a foreign language, you are doing the hard work, not the listener. Above all, keep trying.
as you said ,do praticeses on front of mirror but main problem is that 1) when i start to speak in english immediately my mind started blank( means my thinking and speaking is not work on same time.its happen on that time when i speak english other wise not face this problem on native language.2) when speak on front of mirror if we speak wrong sentence then who will tell us about that you speak wrong. i hope you understand what i am saying. above first problem is my main problem please tell me ,how i rid it
Hii Aarti Thakur im also have hesitatation in speaking...
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your English is better than me ...Congratulations
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