Hello Every one, i want to improve my English but i have hesitation in speaking because my english is not so much good can somebody tell me how can i remove my hesitation in speaking ,what happens with me if somebody speaks English with me in fluent way i could not able to answer in proper way
please tell me how to remove this hesitation.

Thanks in advance.
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Hello Aarti. I experienced the same problem when learning German. Several years ago I had a tutor, who helped me overcome this problem by actually rehearsing sentences over and over again for fluency.

For example, first we would briefly converse about what I did that week. The instructor would jot down some key sentences. Then we would review and correct the sentences I said for grammatical accuracy. Then my instructor would have me practice saying the sentences from beginning to end for fluency. If a sentence were longer, then we would first break the sentence into sections and then combine the sections.

I hope this is helpful!

- vocabfish
Hi ,

Thanks for your valuable reply .i will try the same .

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it is the same problem with me .. but I concluded that no one can be like amrican from the first time ( they are speaking quickly and fluently ) I have a good grammar and good vocabulary but when I am trying to speak quickly and fluently I face the hesitation ...

my solution is primarily talk slowly and have more concentration about what you are talking and when you feel that you are hesitating stop and concentrate again and then continue ... this is my way Emotion: smile

Good luck
Well, that's a common problem!

First of all you should stay calm and at first you don't have to talk with a fluent speaker in a proper way. When he notices that your english level isn't that good, he'll try to use words which you can understand and even if you didn't understand a word,even a sentence,Ask friendly if he can repeat the sentence or explain you what he meant.
So you should stay calm , there's nothing to worry about, believe me. So don't hesitate, and try to solve your problem. In my opinion you can only get rid of your problem through practising practising and practising! Keep on learning english and include english in your daily live. Talk enlish to other people and try to talk to native speakers.After a while you will have lost your hesitation and your english will be great!
i experienced in joining outdoor activity with some foreign friends, this really help me to start my oral communication with others. i think it is a good way to me to speak in front of people.
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If you speak a lot , your problems are fading, it's true Emotion: smile
I face the same situation.

I guess confidence plays a main role here. One of the main reasons we fail when trying to speak english fluently is we dread doing it. It all comes down to our anxiety.

Sometimes, when I'm speaking in english, I forget even basic english words or expressions, or end up pronouncing them incorrectly when I actually know how to pronounce them well.

For instance, if we were actually talking about this, I'd have quite a hard time saying all that I'm writing out loud if I hadn't thought about it previously. But I do have to admit that it's been about 6 years since the last time I had a chance to practice, so I'm now practicing speaking english on my own every day.
Just concentrate on yourself and don't think of anything else
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