hey,my names fatia,i have just just joined the EnglishForward and i find quite useful.Anyway I have joined this website because my written work or grammar whatever u called it is really bad,basically i just went back to school and i find the written part every difficult especially when it comes to coming up with your own idea.I was just wondering if anybody from here could actually help me or maybe someone i could talk to about it and ask for advice..If anybody could help with that I would really apreciate it..
Hi Fatia,

Welcome to EnglishForward! We are all here to help you. Just post whatever doubts you have and one of us will correct it for you/help you out.

Hello Fatia
Welcome to the EnglishForward.com I'm also happy with this forum here.
To your topic. I think your english isn't bad. Sometimes some mistakes, but the rest is ok, in my opinion.
See you

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Thanks Savvy,but the thing i seem to have problem with most is coming up with my own ideas..Ideas as in answering something with ur own words and showing ur knowledge and i really find that hard.In what way do you think i can improve? Thanke u spinnaker,my english is good but i have some weakness too...
If your trouble is coming up with ideas in English, how about coming up with those ideas in your native language first?Then you could try to translate each word from your language to English.

If possible use a dictionary that translates from your language to English.