Have you ever been to a space museum? Or have taken the chance to look up in the sky and wonder what is out there? For me this is something that I have always wanted to do. So, I decided to go to the Griffiths Observatory in Los Angeles. Since I have never been there before, I figured it would be a great place to go to because it was free. It was on a clear summer night on the 2nd of July and I was ready to see stars.
When I arrived at the museum, I noticed many appealing things immediatly. I became aware that visitors can actually become observers from outside of the building. For example the museum offered telescopes for me to use to look into the sky. When I walked further along the site I notice a Solar System Lawn Model. Engraved in the ground was the Milky Way (our solar system), and a Sunset and Moonset Radial observer. Since the observatory was in so many movies, including: Yes man, Funny People, and the Terminator. To me it looked like a mansion. It had a large field of grass that on looked the Los Angeles Horizon. It had a patio where visitors can watch the sunset and sunrise. It also had a section to take pictures in front of the Hollywood sign. I took advantage of it and got myself a picture.
The architecture of the building was created in a specific way. It included many walkways that led towards the two iron front doors of the museum. It seemed like something from a movie and I was in the front row. On the roof as I looked up, I noticed that there where three large satellite domes for visitors to look through. These giant telescopes overlook the entire atmosphere and the galaxy. It reminded me of roofs of cathedrals and churches. One of the most interesting objects at the museum was the astronomer monument. The statue towered 20 feet towering over the tourists. All of the monuments on the property where attention-grabbing to look at.. Out of all the things outside I knew there would be more inside. I knew I was in for something special that day.
After reading the brochure I learned that the observatory itself was created on May 14th 1935 with a significant historical background behind it. Its founder Griffith J. Griffith was from Whales and had migrated to California to invest in a new opportunity. To me people like that have a bright future. He can be easily compared to any millionaire who started from scratch such as Bill Gats and his invention of Apple. With the many ideas in his mind he decides to buy property from the governor of California. It seemed to me that Griffith was about to embark on something new and beneficial. With his interest in astronomy and knowledge of what society enjoys, he chose to build a park for the community. However, his vision of creating an Observatory was put to a halt after his death but, was later completed. I learned that after deciding Los Angeles should have a place where visitors can learn astronomy in various ways, Rudolph Langer created the Griffiths Observatory and developed a resource to the stars.
As I entered the observatory I knew I would come home with information I had never knew about. There where so many things to touch and look at. I wanted to spend every minute observing the displays. The walls and the ceilings have large beautiful murals painted all along the ceiling, like something from a cathedral in Rome. I was told, they where created to show the connection between science and mythology, as well as the connection between the earth and the sky. There where even murals of all the Astronomers who helped develop Griffiths idea. The center of the building included a large Pendulum, which was a device used to measure the earths rotation. It was the observatories main attraction and had required perfect creation in order for it to be exact. As everyone was gathered around this object, we wondered how it worked. At the bottom of the floor was a measuring device with domino like blocks rotating around it. It worked in the strangest way I can imagine, as the ball moved back and forth it would knock down the blocks according to the earth's rotation.
When I needed a question I knew right where to look. They wore Griffith logoed shirts with huge stars on their back. They were the people who you see standing at the entrance of all the exhibits. The astronomers who worked there, could tell me stories about the sky I had never known about. They knew the subject very well and what they where talking about. With enough information I was starting to feel as though I was becoming an astronomer myself. With their hospitality I had a great time and would recommend it to everyone. I figured it would be pretty neat to work in an observatory as an occupation. It was also out of the ordinary to me to see all of the visitors going there. They were from all over the world, kind of like the tourists I see at Disneyland. It was surprising to see so many people interested in astronomy. There where kids from schools and families all ready to enjoy the museum.
There were many sections at the Griffiths Observatory that had hands-on activities for me to understand. One for example was a machine that determined the temperature of my body, called a UAV Ray generator. I moved aimlessly around the machine to see how hot or cold I was. As it turns out, my ears are actually colder than any other part on my body. To me it seemed like it was looking through heat vision goggles. As if I was looking for someone through a scope, dead at night. I then knowingly, started grabbing random objects to find out the temperature. It was amusing at first but I later got into trouble. Checking out this demonstration is something I would recommend for new visitors.
Throughout the time I spent at the Griffith's Observatory, I learned a lot about our galaxy. It had many additional facts about our solar system, as well as our planet. In addition, it was very neat to see the Los Angeles basin with its city lights and fast paced atmosphere. I would recommend going to this museum for a family trip or school event. I learned a lot about the different types of moons, stars and the elements of the periodic table. It was also fascinating to learn about the pendulum in order to figure out the earth's time and rotation. I learned a lot about astronomy that day. Overall my visit to the observatory was a great experience for me to take upon and will most likely be going again.
What is the prompt? What are you trying to tell the reader? That people should go to space museums?

The essay is very long, and includes quite a bit of irrelevent, observational infomation, and it would be much better if all this information was eliminated.

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