Hey everybody, I new here, i introduce myself with my pic. I hope that im going to meet many various person here !

oh , i forget im french, and im 18Emotion: wink, yep a little frenchy girl Emotion: smile
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Welcome to the EF Keawena. You'll meet plenty of people here.


YoHf <--- (almost 18, still single) Emotion: big smile

Nice to meet you.
I'm Burak from Turkey.
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Thank you both !!
where are you from Yohf you didn't mention it.

Emotion: smile
Hey girl...nice to see you! I enlisted you in the Olivier's fan club Emotion: wink
pretty girl.

look forword to being ur friend
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Hey Kea!

I didn't realise you had joined the EF, or I would have found you out before! Enjoy your time here - I certainly do!

- Joy(the same Joy you know from TCP)

Hang loose Kea... So tell us about your usual surfing spot, fly girl : it this the Atlantic in Hossegor behind you, or the Mediterranean in Caro ? Or some other location ???
Hi Kea, nice to meet you!
We just had our Mavericks here in Half Moon Bay just 2 weeks ago. :-)
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