A Trip when everything went wrong

It was a sultry afternoon. The majestic sun was blazing ferociously in the vivid blue sky, and palm trees were swaying to the gentle tropical breeze. Exuberant birds were chirping merrily on the palm trees. All these mesmerizing wonders of nature somehow told me that it would be good day ahead! But never had I ever thought something abysmal was going to happen...

My sister was getting married on that day! She was already in her thirties, and certainly would not have anymore time to wait! Being her younger brother, I of course felt elated for her bliss, but at the same time, I was upset- upset that no one will be there to tidy up my room! Yes, my diligent sister never failed to clear up my room, whenever it was in a mess. She was getting married to her dream husband, and I was planning to make a trip to the church, to attend the wedding ceremony.

It was already two, and the ceremony would start at three. Being a lazy person who loves to turn up exactly on time, I did not make an effort to go to any ceremonies early. The same applied to that day itself. My bus came when I was in my house, and I planned to rush to catch that bus. Sadly, my legs were not fast enough for me to carry me to the bus stop. I panted profusely like a dog.

Just when I was gasping for my breath, I realised a little boy bursting into laughters upon seeing me. What happened to me? Did I pant so hilariously that he started laughing?

“Mummy mummy... that uncle did not zip up his pants!!! heehee...” he exclaimed loudly to his mother.

Abruptly, everybody on the bus stop turned his head to me. I was blanched with horror, and swiftly zipped up my pants. I could feel my face turning really scorching hot. No words could express how awkward I felt.

After a nauseating wait of twenty minutes, the stupid bus finally arrived. It arrived really late, and I thought that I would not make it on time anymore. In addition, there was a huge crowd rushing into the bus. I jostled my way through, and managed to get into the bus. I grinned at those people who did not manage to get into the crowded bus. “I am just so fortunate and quick-witted!” I thought, smiling to myself contentedly.

The passengers crammed like sardines on the bus. Just then, I felt an acute agony on my stomach. Uncontrollably, I let out a big and smelly fart. The whole bus was then stank with my fart. Everybody held up his nose, and I did the same too. I really hoped that no one knew it was me who contributed to the air pollution.

My eyes became heavy, and finally drooped down. I was plain exhausted, as I had gone out with my friends the last night and only managed to catch a sleep of three hours. I was carried away to my dreamland.

A gentle hand touched on my shoulders. I opened my eyes exhaustingly, and saw the aged bus driver smiling at me.

“Hey, young man... The bus has arrived at the terminal.... “

Terminal?! I was appalled and thought I was hallucinating. I had missed my bus stop! I gazed at my watch, and realised that it was already three.

Swiftly, I ran to take a cab to the church. I could feel a chill running down my spine. My sister would surely kill me if I was late! I waited fervently for a total of fifteen minutes, for a cab to came.

The cab driver drove to the church in minutes. I paid the taxi fare, and rushed to the church. I opened the gargantuan and bulky door with the tremendous strength I had. It was exactly when my sister was accepting the marriage.

Numerous heads turned to me, and a rousing furore started. I was actually thought to be a third-party who wanted to interrupt the marriage process! I immediately apologised for being late and explained everything at that moment. Nevertheless, I could see my sister's eyes on fire. Her whole face turned into the colour of molten lava. I was going to be a dead meat!

What an unlucky trip it was!
It needs more euphemism.
oh okay! thank you! =D