my listening is good ,because every year we have American teachers to teach our English.But my oral English is not very good.When I want to say sth to the foreigner, i will be nevous,and do not know what to say. I feel embarrassed.I allways want to talk to them with Chinese~

Now i have an oral english class.But i do not think it is much help to me.So, how i can improve my oral english??
It just takes practise.

Don't be afraid to speak to foreigners. Most people have experienced trying to learn a language and will be sympathetic to a beginner. It is a shame your class is not much help, are you feeling too shy to join in fully?

No one is perfect at anything when they are learning. Be a bit kinder to yourself.
Hi there!

I'm able to understand very well when people are speaking to me even in nightclubs/etc... (thxs to my PT job) and I decided 3 y ago to not be ashamed of my speaking!

I have the strongest and ugliest French accent everEmotion: wink (No that's not sexy the French accent... Emotion: crying ) but I am not afraid to speak in front of lots of persons! If they laugh, they laugh. and if they take a ***... they take a ***, I really don't care!!! Usually people (English-native) which reacts like that are not able to speak another language cos' the ones who tried to learn another one are much more nice and will do their best to help you!

The things which still scares me a bit, is phoning in English! If I know the person and his accent, it's no prbl! but when I have to call a stranger, it's a bit “scary” even if I manage to speak with them in more than 98% of the cases... The 2% are AustraliansEmotion: wink or ***, which are impolite and hangup as they do not want to try understanding me!

So to conclude, don't be ashamed of your English, use it and people will respect you for trying! If they don't, then they are just small minded people and there is no point to speak with them!

Just my 2 euro cents, and my feedback from my personal experience
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Don't feel shy to speak in English. It is not our native language.