I dont like to go to school because no one wants to talk to me , and even they laugh at me just because i dont know how to speak their language.my sisters know how to speak the language because of that they made fun of me and compare me with my sisters. i am confused right now .what should i do?

The most important thing that you need to do first is Keep going to school. Never lose your self-confidence whatever others say. Regarding those bullies, tell your parents about them and complain to the school's mentor.

The second issue that you need to remember is that those bullies are not better than you because of speaking English. No proud to them that they could speak well because it's their native language that they speak/gain it before even going to school. But can they speak your native language? Ask them if they could.

On the other hand, think about this issue in a positive way; English is not your mother tongue and although you still can communicate and understand the language that is not your native. Otherwise, you wouldn't understand their bully. You understood their bullies because you CAN understand their language. That's great!

Moreover, you are using their language to study all the subjects in school; that's not easy. It's a big proud to you. You need to be proud of yourself!

Remember, just because someone is a native speaker, doesn't necessarily mean that his writing and the use of the language will be completely perfect. The one who specialized in the language such as teachers, linguistics, researchers etc., would still correct his mistakes.

Ultimately, learning language whatever was doesn't stop on one level. It must be changed and improved. So your language definitely will be improved at the end. What happens that some students might gain a new language faster than others. Some times, It's a matter of individual differences.

There are factors that play a significant role in a language development overall such as studying hard, using different methods for learning, environment ...etc.