hi all,

as i learn English as my second language , i'm just confused about

the use of which and in which;;

i know when to use which but sometimes i found some clauses use

in which,,,

i'm confused these two..

is there any significant difference in terms of it's meanings?? and also when to use one and the other??

please help me out~
Hi S54exrtcyughvuh,

Here are some examples:

I liked the dress which has blue laces.

I like movies which portray real life dramas.

I need a bottle in which I can pour the remaining orange juice.

These are the scenes in which the actress is supposed to cry.

I guess 'in which' supports the object where the action has to take place.

"Which" is pronoun or determiner, acting as subject or object in its clause. "Which" also a question word to show what kind of information is wanted. In addtion to, " which" can be used to modify nouns and some pronouns--to identify things. Furthermore, " which " can also be conjunction.

which movie did you like. (determiner)

which is mine ( pronoun )

He bought a new suit. It is made in Italy. He bought a new suit which is made in Italy ( pronoun subject and conjunction)

This is the room in which she kissed him. In that sentence, "in" is a preposition comes before which. " which she kissed him " is the object of the prepostion.
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Thanks Welkins, i think i can sort of understand it.. but.. still not quite..

sorry but can you/or any one give one or two more examples of 'in which' please..

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