What type of company would you most like to see built in your hometown or city. Give reasons to support your response.
As an I.T student, I would like to see a company that is related to information system or I.T field built in my city. Such as, petroleum company or telecom company.

It is always good to have a company related to your work field in your hometown as you will be living close to your family and your peers whom you have grown up with. There are some people whom they find it difficult to work in places other than their hometowns . In other words, they refuse to work away from their families and encounter new life and new people. Few years ago, my Uncle had to work away from his wife and his children because his work field was not available in his city. He always lived under pressure worried about his family and his sick child. He wanted to be there for them. Sometimes they needed his support . Children need their father financially and emotionally. Even though, due to stresses and family circumstances, many people find difficulty on focusing in their works. Afterwards, they end up being fired or not attending their work at all.

Therefore, having company within your territory has positive impact in your life and your work as well. It might bring side effect to some people whom their job is far from their hometowns . As a result, they end up choosing one of the two, to quite the job, or work abroad for the rest of their life which is difficult for some people.

You have focussed on why it would be good to work in your home town instead of somewhere else. In my opinion, you should focus instead on why you would like an IT company instead of some other type of company.
Don't just think about yourself. For example, would an IT company be good for your town's economy?

In other words, I think you have misunderstood the topic.

Want to try again?

You are very right about that.
I wonder why I could not think of it before >< so much pressure I guess.
Thanks anyway, I will write it again.