Hello every body !! how's every one there ......
i just jioned this fourm in a few mintes ago .........

and i liked it .. i never ever been to english fourms but this is the first time..
i wish if you can accept me in this forum ... and to be member here ...

So i came here for tow things..

the first one is
To IMPROVE my english ..

the second thing is
to make a friendship with all og you ..

But the qustion is how can i improve my english ?????????????
Emotion: sad Emotion: sad i found it hard specially the grammer !!!

acutley my this is my second languge ..

Anyway i wish to see some replies here

Hi The Light of the Moon.
Welcome to the Forum. I really like the Name you use here. It's another way of saying Moonlight but more poetic. Where are you from? Tell us more about you.
What about reading books and practicing speaking English? In addition, you might want to listen very closely to a native English speaker when they talk; also, try to repeat the words you hear.